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Our History

In 1952, Joseph Herzog, a Holocaust survivor, arrived in Canada from his native Czechoslovakia, with his wife and three children. He began to dabble in the jewellery business. As his business grew, he looked for jewellery packaging that reflected the quality of the products he was selling to his customers. He soon realized that there were no companies that could adequately supply him with type of packaging he was seeking.

He began to explore the potential of the packaging business, only to realize that he had found his niche in the market. He dropped jewellery and began to focus on developing packaging under the Impenco brand.

He was a pioneer in venturing to China amidst difficult circumstances over 30 years ago, overcoming travel and language barriers. He was an industry leader by developing a supply chain through China and factories in remote regions throughout the orient.

Impenco had grown to be recognized as an international supplier of custom products and a contract manufacturer for mass-market customers. Therefore Prestige Pak Inc.was created to handle the demand from local and national retail jewellers. Prestige Pak acquired Fancy Pak - Anesco in late 2010.

Joseph Herzog`s son Jack was groomed to take over the family business. Today Jack`s sons Aaron and John are at the helm of a growing company that was recently rebranded under the banner of Prestige & Fancy – Fine Packaging.


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